Two friends try to solve mystery of stolen painting

John Millen

When a world-famous painting by the Dutch artist Vermeer is stolen on its way to an exhibition at Chicago's Art Institute, two children called Petra and Calder find themselves caught up in the middle of the mystery.

A series of strange, unrelated events has recently made the two friends wary of everything around them, and the theft of the painting seems to be the culmination of what has been going on in their lively minds.

They have no choice but to search for clues and solve a mystery that is baffling the art world. But Chasing Vermeer is much more than the story of two young people solving a crime.

Blue Balliett has written a puzzle and a novel rolled into one. Clues pile up that could be significant or just red herrings. It's up to Petra, Calder and the reader to come up with the solution before the police gets there.

Chasing Vermeer is unlike any book you may have read before and it will both intrigue and involve you until all the pieces finally come together.

Chasing Vermeer

By Blue Balliett

Published by The Chicken House

ISBN 1 904442 71 4