Results diary

May 8 1st Quarter:, Changmao Biochemical Engineering, Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings, Shanghai Donghua Petrochemical, Stockmartnet Holdings


Final: Jackin International Holdings, New City (Beijing) Development

AGM: Hengan International Group, Kowloon Development, Polytec Asset Holdings

May 9 1st Quarter: Capital Publications, Wumart Stores, Yusei Holdings

Quarter: Jessica Publications

Interim: Biosino Bio-Technology and Science Incorporation, CASH Financial Services Group, CLP Holdings, Era Information & Entertainment, Excel Technology International Holdings, Plasmagene Biosciences, Shandong Luoxin Pharmacy Stock, Trasy Gold Ex, Zhejiang Yonglong Enterprises

AGM: Guangzhou Shipyard International, Hysan Development, Neo-China Group (Holdings), Vedan International Holdings

May 10 1st Quarter: A - S China Plumbing Products, Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, AKM Industrial, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, Ko Yo Ecological Agrotech (Group), Lee's Pharmaceutical Holdings, New Universe International Group

Interim: China Advance Holdings, EMER International Group, Enric Energy Equipment Holdings, Glory Future Group, HC International, Pine Technology Holdings, Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Information Industrial, Tiger Tech Holdings, TOM Online