A camera to doodle on

There are lots of digital cameras on the market and there are many things you can do with digital photographs, but you usually need a computer and some software to add extra graphics or messages onto them.

Now the Pentax Optio T10 lets you do it all right there on the camera itself. Featuring a 3-inch touch display and a stylus, the Optio T10 lets you draw and write directly onto your photos.

The My Drawing mode is complemented by a Stamp function, which lets you store photos or illustrations as stamps for adding to new photos.

Having a touch display also makes the Optio T10 much easier to use since it gets rid of buttons and allows you to use the display to navigate the camera's menu, similar to the system used on Sony's camcorders.

The Optio T10 offers 6 megapixel imaging and a 3x optical zoom that employs the company's Sliding Lens System to minimise the spaces between components, resulting in a frame that is only 19.5mm wide, one of the thinnest on the market today.

Like most new models, the Optio T10 comes equipped with many pre-set shooting modes, including standards such as Portrait, Landscape and Night Scene.

The camera's advanced processing system also allows it to record VGA-quality (640x480 pixels) video at 30 frames per second.

While it doesn't offer features that stand out, such as a big zoom, a wide-angle lens or ultra sensitive ISO settings, the T10's touch screen will allow your photos stand out, at least on the camera.

However, one of the main reasons for adding messages to your photos is to share them with your friends and you will usually need a computer to do this. The My Drawing feature might, therefore, not be that useful after all and wireless networking support would have made the world of difference to this camera.

The T10 is priced at $2,990.

PROS: big touch screen for navigation; drawing function; thin body

CONS: pretty standard camera functions; no wireless networking