School-based assessment a step in the right direction

Recently, school-based assessment (SBA) was conducted at my school.

I was very nervous as I was one of the first groups of students to take SBA. I didn't know what kinds of question would be asked.

Our group was only given six minutes for discussion, which I felt was not enough. Ten minutes would have been better.

I think I didn't do very well. I will work harder to do better in the next round of assessments.


TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

Thanks for your letter, Tony. It's interesting to hear some feedback on SBA. As with anything new, it will take everyone concerned - students and teachers - a while to adjust.

SBA will be mandatory in 2009. I think it is a step in the right direction. I am in favour of taking the focus off exams and having an element of assessment. I think it takes some of the pressure off exams and gives you a chance to show off your skills.

I, too, get nervous before public speaking. I've found the thing that helps me best is to be well prepared. The more I practise what I want to say, the less likely I am to 'freeze' on stage!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kate, Editor