Asian cities

1 Which city was known in colonial times as Batavia?

2 Which two cities will host the Summer Sonic rock festival in August?

3 What is the name of the river that divides Metro Manila?

4 Ambala lies on the border of which two Indian states?

5 Which of these three cities is easternmost: a) Seoul

b) Taipei

c) Manila?

6 What is the capital of Myanmar?

7 The name of which city, founded in 1857 and based on the tin trade, literally means 'muddy confluence'?

8 This year's Asian Games will take place in which city?

9 According to, the world's three most populous cities are in Asia. What are their names and in what order do they rank?

10 In which year did Shenzhen become a special economic zone?

Solution: 1 Jakarta 2 Tokyo and Osaka 3 The Pasig 4 Haryana and Punjab 5 a) Seoul 6 Pyinmana (also known as Naypyidaw Myodaw) 7 Kuala Lumpur 8 Doha 9 1) Shanghai 2) Mumbai 3) Karachi 10 1978.