Maze in the Mysterious City

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Ends May 22

Staged by seven local artists, this multi- media exhibition promises to bring 'fresh perspectives on the disorientation, enchantment, and absurdity in the city life of Hong Kong'. Not a bad idea, given that a lot of art based on urban themes and/ or urbanisation has become trite and boring.

Photographer Teresa Leung Wai-man agrees. 'I've seen a lot of shows focusing on Hong Kong's cityscape such as historical sites and buildings. But many of them tend to be documentation or reports. What we try to do is to give our interpretations, based on our personal feelings, of our observations of this city. We really dug deep beyond the surface.'

The other participating artists are Fong Wai-chung, Vivian Leung Chung-ying, Mak Kit-ping, Esther Szeto Shan-shan, Evans Wong Tsui-yuet and Jam Yau Tze-lun. All graduated from the Hong Kong Art School with bachelor's degrees in fine art in 2004. Their works range from photography to painting, sculpture, installation and mixed media.

Leung's Ad Infinitum: Being in the Miscalculated Space at the Wrong Time, a series of six black-and-white photos of everyday scenes, tells a story. 'What it is about depends on how you interpret it,' Leung says. 'However, I have put these images together for a purpose. It has a theme, so this is no random exercise.'

Wong's installation presents a strong theme of modernity versus traditions: 'By carving a couple of ancient Chinese sayings into an ancestral tablet, I want to show how some traditional Chinese values have faded while others continue to have a strong hold on our moral system today.'

Maze in the Mysterious City moves to M63, Artist Commune, Cattle Depot, May 23-28