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shk financial group

APART FROM reading the financial headlines, many Hongkongers don't have the time to investigate and evaluate the multitude of financial products on offer.

'Many consumers are too busy and see financial markets as too complicated and beyond the reach of their net worth. Once this barrier has been overcome, the next issue is how to choose,' the director of corporate marketing and communication at SHK Financial Group, Rebecca Neufeld, said.

SHK has four branches in Hong Kong and one in Macau and offers online trading and an operator-assisted hotline.

It is known for its local knowledge, expert advice and personalised service. To help match customers with financial products suited to their individual needs and increase their profitability, Sun Hung Kai is in the process of selecting a customer relationship management software provider.

'When selecting a customer relationship management partner we look to see if they are willing to understand our business and be sensitive to the fact that we are going through change,' Ms Neufeld said.


Providers of financial services don't always know which consumers to target with which products. 'It is important to know your customers so that you can maximise their potential value,' she said.

Customer relationship management software can benefit customers by making them aware of products specifically suited to their needs.

SHK will need more people with a statistical background and programming and marketing skills as it adopts a customer relationship management infrastructure.