On target

Winnie Yeung

Some people dream of having an all-action job, such as being part of a police SWAT team, but few realise this fantasy. Playing video games is one alternative, but those who want to get closer to the real thing should check out the thrills offered by the Hong Kong Shooting Development Union (HKSDU). At its premises in San Po Kong, you can learn to shoot using methods prescribed by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). Adapted from the training given to SWAT teams in the United States, IPSC methods aim to improve your shooting accuracy, speed and flexibility.

The HKSDU's indoor shooting area simulates an environment a SWAT team might have to negotiate in real life. Instead of real bullets, however, airsoft guns with 6mm BB pellets are used.

Four three-hour classes in IPSC basics cost $600, while a practice session costs $100 once the course has been completed.

The Hong Kong Shooting Development Union is at 10/F, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, tel: 3590 6336 (call after 7pm).