Make the guests of this new hotel feel at home

A hospitable person with good communication skills will find this position at a top hotel appealing.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has been in business for 18 months and has about 200 employees.

The hotel is looking for an assistant manager for guest relations who will establish a good rapport with its customers, take care of their everyday needs and make them feel at home.

This position caters to the hotel's need for someone who is devoted to providing guests with personalised services. Daily duties include anticipating, satisfying and following up on guests' requests and needs.

'The person will help bring the company and its guests closer [by] bridging the gap between the hotel's service delivery level and guests' expectations,' said Andrew Lee, director of rooms.

The company believes it can fully satisfy customer needs if it has a position dedicated to communicating the guests' comments to the management. Moreover, the personal customer service offered by the assistant manager will help generate business for the hotel by retaining guests and getting repeat customers.

A positive mindset and a can-do attitude will ease the pressure of a job in which no two days are alike and the stress of pleasing guests is a daily duty.

'To understand a guest's needs, you need to be proactive and talk constantly to them,' Mr Lee said.

Therefore, friendly and outgoing people are encouraged to apply.

A tertiary education or higher is necessary and applicants should have at least a year of experience at a supervisory level, preferably in the hospitality industry.

Although not necessary, knowledge of Putonghua would be an advantage.

Mr Lee said the job was similar to travelling around the globe.

'Welcoming guests from all walks of life greatly enriches thinking.'

Therefore, having international travel experience would be an advantage to those who apply for this position.