Tsang draws a lesson from finals

Raymond Ma

With the World Cup fast approaching, Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen admitted he was no big soccer fan but says he hopes to at least catch the finals on television.

Mr Tsang also talked about watching soccer in the '70s and '80s and his fascination with the skills of legends such as Brazil's Pele and Argentina's Maradona.

'It's so busy these days I just can't afford 90 minutes to watch a game from the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A League or the Spanish Primera Liga,' he said on yesterday's Hong Kong Letter programme broadcast on RTHK. 'But, when it comes to the World Cup finals, that's different - I will definitely try to steal some time to enjoy some of these thrilling matches.'

Drawing from the way championship soccer has changed focus from individual talent to team tactics, Mr Tsang stressed the need for Hong Kong people to work together.

Citing the stunning defeat of defending champion France to Senegal in the opening round of the last World Cup and Korea's progress into the semi-finals, he said the city should work together to seize any unexpected opportunities that arise.