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Classic robot pioneer


Anime classic

Choudenji Robo Combattler V was first shown in Japan on the TV Asahi network from 1976-77. It aired for 54 episodes.

Toei Animation produced the animation; the group is also known for such favourites as Captain Tsubasa, Digimon, the Dragon Ball series, Saint Seiya and Slam Dunk.

Choudenji Robo was the first to introduce the idea of several machines combining together to form one giant robot.

Combattler V was 57 metres tall and weighed 550 tonnes when the five individual vehicles combined.

In the anime, Combattler V was created by Professor Nanbara, the founder and director of Nanbara Connection, the team's headquarters. He dies early on in the series, but not before convincing Professor Yotsuya to become his successor.

Five characters make up the team: Hyouma Aoi, the leader who pilots the Battle Jet that forms the head of Combattler V; Juzo Naniwa, an Olympic-class marksman who pilots the Battle Crusher that forms the arms and shoulders; Daisaku Nishikawa, who controls the only non-flying vehicle - the Battle Tank that forms the torso; Chizuru Nanbara, granddaughter to Professor Nanbara, who pilots the Battle Marine that forms the legs; and Kosuke Kita, a science prodigy and inventor who pilots the Battle Craft that forms Combattler's feet.

The Combattler V was created to fight the evil alien forces of the planet Campbell. The Campbellians, who are led by Garuda and his cohorts, make weekly attempts to take over the Earth.

But they are kept at bay by Combattler V's powerful weapons, such as the Break Claw, Battle Kita, and Ultra Electromagnetic Ray, Yo-yo and Hurricane. It was an exciting anime series that pioneered the robot anime genre.