Landlords sue man in Mandarin writ

A MAN who is being sued by the Mandarin Oriental hotel for the non-payment of a $350,000 bill is also being sued by his Yuen Long landlords for $75,000.

The latest Supreme Court writ against Gudmundur Vidar Fridriksson claims he owes $48,000 in rent and a further $27,224 for the use of telephone and electricity.

The landlords, Siu Ching-yuet and Siu Kai-tsuen, also want permission to evict Mr Fridriksson from their Fairview Park premises.

Mr Fridriksson rented the Yuen Long house from February 15, after leaving the Mandarin Oriental six days earlier without paying his $353,871 bill.

The hotel alleges the bill is for four months' worth of accommodation, meals, drinks and room service.

The hotel, which described Mr Fridriksson as a regular, is also claiming interest on its outstanding bill. Room rates per night at the hotel range from $1,950 for a standard room to $22,000 for the elegant Mandarin suite on the 24th floor.

The latest writ, filed last week, states Mr Fridriksson, who paid $16,000 a month for the Yuen Long house, has been in arrears since October 15. The owners also want compensation at the rate of $16,000 a month, from January 15, until they regain possession of the residence.

Mr Siu said Mr Fridriksson appeared to be a polite person but did not keep his promises.

''He said many times he would pay his rent, he even gave a date, but he never did. He used our telephone to make overseas calls and did not pay those bills either,'' he said.

Mr Siu said Mr Fridriksson had only paid his electricity bill after power was cut off.

He said he would have to appear in court on December 30, because he was being sued by the Fairview Park management company for not paying the management fees Mr Fridriksson owed him.