True, False or Not Given

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Note that if a passage is about something you know, you should not use your general knowledge. The question is about the information in the passage. You might know that a statement is true, but if it is not there on the page, it is Not Given. These questions usually involve scanning more than reading. Glance through and then go to the questions and look back.

A. City Hotels (where a facility is not mentioned, it is not provided)

Tower Hotel: five minutes from the city centre, this hotel has 160 rooms. There is a swimming pool and gym; also an Internet Room and a Business Centre. There are fine banqueting facilities and large private parties can be catered for. The Coffee Shop is open from 6am to 11pm. There is a fine French restaurant and a cocktail bar.

The Palace: This is an older hotel with 95 rooms, all of which have balconies. There is a pool and a nightly poolside barbecue; 24-hour service is available from the Royal Coffee Shop. There is a Japanese restaurant. A rooftop disco is popular with guests and locals. The hotel is located near the airport and free transport is available.

Diamond Hotel: This is a hotel (250 rooms) offering the best value in town. There is a Coffee Shop, bar and karaoke centre (open after 6pm). An Internet Cafe on the ground floor is also available for guests.

The Imperial: 280 rooms, 10 suites. Olympic-size swimming pool, fully-equipped gym and spa. The hotel has excellent business facilities with conference rooms; translation and secretarial services available. All rooms have broadband access. There are three bars, a night club, a 24-hour coffee shop, and Italian and Chinese restaurants.

Decide whether these statements about the hotels are True, False or the information is Not Given.

Put a tick in ONE box only for each statement.

a.The Diamond is the cheapest.

b.The Diamond is the largest.

c.The Tower is the newest.

d.Three of them have swimming pools.

e.The Tower is good for weddings.

f.All have places for night life.

g.The Palace has a lot of Japanese guests.


a. look for information on price b. check the number of roomsc. see if there is any information on thisd. scan and counte. what do you need for a wedding party?

f. scan for clubs, discos and karaoke bars; if one does not have one, you can stop scanning g. do only Japanese people eat Japanese food?

B. Comparing countries

Qatar and Oman are both Arabic states on the Gulf. Oman has a long history and is ruled by Sultan Qaboos, who listens to opinions but takes the final decisions. The population of three million follow the Islamic religion. The country is fairly rich from oil. Much of its 309,000 square miles consists of desert. The press is controlled. Qatar became a country in 1971. It is extremely wealthy from its huge reserves of gas and oil. The population of 628,000 includes many foreign workers. The country is ruled by Sheik Hamad and elected representatives of the people. There is a high level of press freedom. Islam is the state religion.

Read the paragraph and decide which of the following statements are True, False or the information is Not Given. Put a tick in only ONE box for each statement.

Compared to Oman, Qatar ... smaller hotter older less democratic

e.has more people

f.has more foreign workers

g.has higher income per person


1. Get the general feel of the text.

2. Read a question.

3. Look back and scan for details.

4. Do not use your own knowledge.

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