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Chose to spread a little happiness

I once read a book that was very meaningful.

I remember the author wrote the line: 'Every morning, I face the mirror and look at myself. I ask myself, 'Do you want to be happy or unhappy?' I always choose happy.' This paragraph impressed me a lot.

Yes, life is a choice. Everyday, we need to face many things. If you choose 'unhappy', you will do many things sadly. Conversely, if you choose 'happy', you will have more fun.

In fact, if we look at the same thing with different points of view, there will be great differences in how we think.

For example, you can feel angry with your best friends, or you can choose to forgive them, then all of us will be glad.

In your life, there are many choices to make. But, you should find out the best one because it is not just for you but often for others. Your choice may affect them.

You can choose to make other people happy or sad. But, I choose to make my friends happy because it makes me happy too.

How about you?

Jasmine Leung

Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Tamagotchi comeback

It's amazing how trends come and go when it comes to toys.

One of the most interesting phenomena of 1997 was the appearance of the virtual Japanese toy, tamagotchi.

It was oval in shape, had a screen and two buttons and could make squeaking noises.

Once it was activated, it would demand to be fed, cleaned, played with or allowed to sleep, like a child.

Owners who neglected them found themselves with a dead virtual pet.

This upset some people and counselling hotlines were set up for those who needed to talk about their loss.

Some enterprising businessmen even opened pet cemeteries for the burial of tamagotchis.

I wonder if next year, on the 10th anniversary, we can expect a tamagotchi that now wants to send e-mail as well.

Li Kun-yuen

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Lovers' memories

Most lovers end relationships unhappily.

People usually hate the other person by the end and regard them as an enemy.

They are furious because they are hurt and they feel all the unforgettable memories between them amount to nothing.

But then, after months or sometimes years have elapsed, many people will forgive their ex-lovers.

Why does this happen? It is because the memories between them never disappear and are forever stored in the mind.

Ex-lovers can usually be forgiven, but never forgotten.

Eva Fung

Exhibiting knowledge

After I read that museum-goers could learn about some of the world's greatest artists at the Hong Kong Museum of Art I was very excited.

The exhibition was showing 58 artworks.

I think displaying great paintings is good because if people become interested in them, they will want to know more about the arts.

They will read many different types of books or do research on the internet so they can learn more about art and their favourite artists.

It's very important that students develop their learning outside of the classroom as well as in it.

Taking an interest in art helps them to diversify their knowledge and become more rounded students.

In conclusion, I believe that having a painting exhibition is a great way to help us understand more about the history of art.

Therefore keep up the good work, as it benefits us all.

I hope other museums in Hong Kong can hold more exhibitions like this one.

Pang Ka-man

Our Lady of the Rosary College

Gender differences

I recently read the book called Why Men Lie and Women Cry. It is an interesting book.

It told me a lot about the differences between men and women.

After reading the book, I changed the way I looked at my father and brother.

I now realise why my father does not like to go shopping. Men like buying things as quickly as they can.

Also, it seems they can't go shopping with women for more than 30 minutes without being driven mad.

I told my mother the reason why my father does not like shopping with her and since then, she doesn't get angry with him.

I also used to hate my brother sometimes because he never listened to what I said.

But now, having read the book, I know how to make him listen to what I want to say.

The trick is, if I want to tell him something, I will stop what he is doing first.

Why? Because I have learned that men cannot do two things at same time.


Pooi To Middle School

Catwalk revisited

I am writing in response to the article 'Campus catwalk' (Young Post, October 12).

Nowadays, it is common to see many advertisements for local tutorial centres around our city.

Their tutors pose in smart suits and are styled as celebrities to promote their courses.

This phenomenon makes education connected with commence. Traditional schools think that education should be more about content than image.

To my mind, teaching skills are what matter most to a teacher.

As a student, we go to school to learn different skills and gain knowledge rather than worry about what our teachers wear.

A teacher dressing trendily and smartly does not mean that they are capable.

A good teacher should know how to present the lessons well and it is more important than the image.

Casual dress can make the lessons more natural.

Setting strict dress codes will give students the wrong message that appearance is the most essential thing.

Tutorial centres are different from local traditional schools as they aim to make as much money as possible.

Their tutors spend more on packaging and marketing with a view to attracting more students to attend their courses.

But that does not mean traditional school teachers should follow suit.

Isabel Chan Ching-yi

Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

Spare food a thought

Do you know how many people have no food to eat?

It's impossible to count how many, but the number is huge.

In these days where there is food everywhere, people like to eat buffets.

However, most people put far too much food on their plate to get their money's worth, and end up leaving most of it because they can't eat so much.

Next time you think about doing that, think of people who are not fortunate enough to have any food on their plate before you get more.

Next time you eat, you can do it with a clear conscience.

Fiona Chu

St Antonius' Girls College

Skip to better health

I think skipping is very healthy and exciting.

I used to skip when I was younger but it was boring.

But now, when I knew some students had won the men's junior championships for skipping, I began to love it again.

Skipping can be done anytime and anywhere. Try it.

Lee Lung

Ning Po No 2 College