Guarding against an indecent proposal

Clients of the oldest profession beware: your every movement is being monitored. Yau Tsim Mong district councillor Lau Chi-wing, who represents the Jordan area, put up warning banners along footpaths more than a week ago to defend the modesty of virtuous female residents in his neighbourhood.

The banner says: 'Pay attention, clients of prostitutes: your every move is being monitored. If you disturb other women in any way, police will show no mercy. Please respect yourself.' An assistant of Mr Lau said they put up the banners after residents complained that women in the neighbourhood were being propositioned by eager customers who couldn't distinguish between upright and fallen women.

Unfortunately, the banners are coming down.

'The government needs the space for advertising,' the assistant said. 'We hope to put up the banners again next month.'