Multiple options give students more career choices

Before MBA students even sit an exam or labour over coursework, their first and perhaps most important test will be how to pick schools that deliver course content and structure.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) realises its business students come from a diverse background, so it offers multiple entry and graduation points in its business programmes.

'Depending on qualifications and work experience, students may enter and exit the programmes at the level they wish to achieve,' MGSM dean Roy Green said.

'It is possible to achieve three academic qualifications by progressing through the postgraduate diploma to the Master of Management and the MBA.'

Students who hold a degree and have three to five years' professional or managerial work experience are eligible to enrol in all four programmes; the postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, Master of Management or MBA. MGSM recognises that there are some students who missed the chance to go to university, but their solid work experience makes them ideal candidates for the MGSM.

If students can show five years' relevant work experience and evidence of professional attainment, they may apply for the postgraduate certificate or the postgraduate diploma. Once they have done well on those courses they can use them as stepping-stones to studying for an MBA.

This year, MGSM offers seven management specialisations: financial, general, human resource, information technology, international, logistics and operations, and marketing. Professor Green recommends that students think about their careers so far and where they might like to specialise in the future before they plump for a course.

'It is important that prospective students consider their career goals and aspirations and whether they are seeking a generalist or specialist qualification before selecting a programme.'

A key advantage of MGSM is its commitment to offering up-to-date programmes that take into account today's dynamic business world.

'MGSM programmes are developed in response to changes in the business environment encountered by our faculty, many of whom actively consult with industry to identify new trends quickly, and by our students,' Professor Green said.

'New developments in industries, technology, people management, logistics, international relations and many other fields are noted, monitored and researched.'