out of the Blu

If you can't wait a year for Apple's iPhone, try My-Blu, a new iPod accessory made by British firm Mavizen. It won't turn your iPod into a phone but it will provide a new level of integration between it and a Bluetooth-equipped phone.

My-Blu has an annoying name but an interesting selection of features. At first glance, it seems to have the same combination of remote control functions, an FM radio and voice recording that can be found on several other iPod accessories. What makes My-Blu unique is that its Bluetooth capabilities allow it to link up with your mobile phone. This means you can plug in your headphones and crank up your sounds safe in the knowledge that when your phone rings, My-Blu will pause the music, display the caller ID on your iPod's screen and switch to the call. There's even a voice-activated redial function.

My-Blu is available in Hong Kong for about HK$600.