Do you get it?

Hey! How did you do with those problem-solving activities the new maths teacher gave us today?

Not that great! I had real trouble with the number 3 puzzle. I just didn't get it. What about you?

I ran out of time today. I'll have to give the puzzles another shot next lesson.

I'm not going to even try to work it out! I think I'll just lay low in class and hope she doesn't ask me any questions.

Don't be chicken! You just need to try different ways to work it out.

I'm not chicken! I just don't know any other ways to work these things out.

Well, how about we work together after school today and see if we can come up with some strategies?

Great! I'll bring some snacks to munch on. You bring the paper, pens and calculator.

Language points

'Don't get it' means you or someone is having difficulty understanding something.

Example: I heard a new joke, but I don't get it!

'Another shot' means to try again.

Example: I will give horse riding another shot. Maybe then I will enjoy it.

'Be chicken' means to be a little scared of something.

Example: I am too chicken to try parachuting!


We all have difficulty understanding new concepts or ideas. When we do, it's best to try and find ways to help us understand. Asking for help or doing some research can alleviate fears.

If we haven't succeeded at something, it doesn't mean we have to give up. Sometimes we can try again, perhaps with a different approach or attitude.

Being scared of a task or activity is normal. Weigh up the risks and benefits to see if you think it's worth proceeding.