Killer smiles

Wow! Did you see those two new waiters last night?

Yep ... such hunks!

Mmmm ... they were really hot! They were definitely all right! Do you think they have girlfriends?

Don't know. Did you check out their ring fingers? No. I didn't ... I was only looking at their killer smiles! I reckon they went to the Tom Cruise smiling school!

Why don't we come back tomorrow again? Maybe we can chat with them.

Sounds like a cool idea. Which one do you like? What on earth will we wear?

Language Points

'Such hunks' means that the guys were good looking and well-built.

Example: I saw a Brad Pitt movie. He's such a hunk!

'Really hot' means someone looks really good.

Example: She looked really hot with her blonde hair, low-cut dress and diamond earrings.

'Ring finger' means the finger on which an engagement or wedding ring is worn.

'Killer smile' means someone has a beautiful smile.

Example: The celebrity had a killer smile after she had her teeth whitened.


Looks are great, but as they say, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'.

What one person thinks is a 'nice-looking' person may not be so for another person. What are your definitions of beauty?

Smiling, on the other hand, is liked by everyone. It shows someone you are pleased to see them and makes them feel good.