Road code for those who travel on two wheels

To enhance cyclists' awareness of road safety, the Transport Department has drawn up a set of safety tips, noting that most of the rules and advice given to drivers in the Road Users' Code also apply to cyclists.

For example, cyclists must obey traffic signs, road markings and traffic rules that usually apply to vehicles. Cyclists should keep to the left, travel in single file and use a cycle track if it is available. They should not ride on footpaths.

Children should seek their parents' permission before riding on the road, and if under the age of 11, should cycle with an adult. Cyclists should not carry passengers.

When riding in the dark or at times of poor visibility, cyclists should turn on a white light in front and a red light at the rear of their bicycle.

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A person who rides a bicycle recklessly on a road can be fined HK$500 on the first conviction, according to the Road Traffic Ordinance. Second and subsequent convictions carry fines of HK$1,000 and three months' imprisonment.