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John Millen

Many people have been looking forward to Meg Rosoff's follow-up to her brilliant 2004 debut novel How I Live Now, and here it is.

But anyone hoping for How I Live Now 2 may initially be disappointed, because Just In Case does not continue the story of Daisy and her friends.

Rosoff is an original and lively writer who doesn't need to go down the same path twice with her writing.

Just In Case is an original, classy piece of fiction that is addictively readable.

Teenager David Case is fed up with the world, and he needs to get away. He changes his name to Justin, gets himself an imaginary dog to bond with and finds himself a girlfriend who is different from all the other girls he knows.

Just In Case is an insightful journey through the mind of a troubled teenager. David/Justin may be messed up, but he is fascinating to know.


Rosoff skilfully manoeuvres her character through all his troubles while delivering a smart, cool book that is entertaining, uplifting and very, very real.

Just In Case

By Meg Rosoff

Published by Penguin


ISBN 0 141 38078 0