Bank sees survey as a useful tool

Caitlin Wong

Investment bank UBS was ranked seventh in the 2005 survey and matched that performance this time, too.

Chimene Woo Suet-ming, managing director and head of human resources, said it made sense for the bank to take part again because of the benefits that resulted previously.

'The Hewitt survey is a valuable tool that provides us with objective third-party guidance on three levels,' Ms Woo said. The first of these was in helping to examine and evaluate methods of attracting, developing and retaining talent. The second was to provide comparisons with other employers in the financial services industry. And the third was as useful data to set alongside other internal measures of performance.

'The process gives us an additional opportunity to communicate to our employees about the type of enjoyable, pleasant working environment that we believe should exist at UBS, and how we believe they can contribute to the creation of that environment. By raising their general level of awareness, we make them more active participants in that process.'

She said that the group's rapid expansion and the need for extra manpower made it important to have a strong corporate culture and good communication throughout the organisation. The bank had a performance-driven and learning culture in which staff could maximise their potential with the help of mentoring and individual career development plans.