colourful crutches

Yvonne Lai

Former bookkeeper Laurie Johnson is an accidental designer. After the crash of a small plane took the lives of her husband and son, and left her with a broken femur, she started designing crutches that were colourful and cheerful as a way to cope with her tragic loss - and to help others with their own.

According to Johnson, 'No one wants to be on crutches. They hurt your arms and they certainly hurt your sense of style. That's why we created designer crutch wear that's not only comfortable, but

fun and fabulous looking.'

LemonAid Crutches was born in 2004 and now has six collections of designs: Safari Adventure, Asian Inspiration, Arctic Warmth, American Energy, British Tradition and Island Relaxation.

The covered crutches sell for US$150 while additional covers from any collection cost US$40 each. Fifty per cent of the profit from each pair sold is donated to Step With Hope, a non-profit foundation established by Johnson to assist those dealing with the loss of more than one family member, through counselling and short-term financial aid.

So, if you have to hobble, you may as well do it in style.

Ordering and shipping to Hong Kong is available from, or e-mail [email protected].