More than a camera

Mobile phones that take photos are common these days. But what about a camera that can connect to a mobile network?

That's what the Samsung VLUU i70 digital camera offers - although you can't actually make calls with it.

The VLUU i70 comes with built-in HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access), the 3.5G wireless technology that offers up to 3.5 mega-bits per second of access over a cellular network.

This means you can take a photo and send it immediately to your friend, or instantly post it on a website.

The device will also let you receive text messages.

The only problem is that the VLUU i70 isn't available in Hong Kong - yet. What is available is the standard i70, which looks identical to the VLUU version, but doesn't have wireless connectivity.


While it is missing the wireless capability, the i70 still has some great features.

It has 7.2 mega-pixel imaging, a 3-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom and video capture at 720 x 480 pixels (a wide-screen version of the standard 640 x 480 pixel VGA-quality video).

The i70 is also a portable media player capable of playing music, displaying text documents and recording sound.

But all those functions don't come without compromise. The i70 is bulkier than most compact models on the market and is pretty heavy.


But, for the trend-conscious, it comes in several funky colours and sells for a reasonable HK$2,790.

PROS: built-in portable media player for music and text, sliding design for added lens protection CONS: no mobile connectivity, heavier and bigger than other models, battery life runs out quickly when listening to music

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