Bone Table

John Lloyd

Sat, 9.30pm, Joyce Is Not Here

They've got a song called Taxi to Wan Chai and another called The Punks in Yau Ma Tei, so will Bone Table be working their way through all of Hong Kong's districts?

'We're doing everything, yes,' deadpans Adrian Furby, a guitarist and vocalist in the four-piece. 'Pokfulam's coming up soon.' First, though, they'll make a stop in SoHo, where they'll play their surf-rock, country and blues at artsy bar Joyce Is Not Here for a three-hour set on Saturday.

Furby is joking, but the band's music does have a distinctly local flavour - even though it's a decidedly international group. James Wolfe, Bone Table's drummer and founder, is English; Furby is Australian; Robert Prevendar, also on guitar and vocals, comes from the US; and Maggie Chang, on bass, flies the flag for Hong Kong - but she has only recently returned from a long detour to the US and Canada.

However, the songs are all Hong Kong. The band members have poured their experiences in the city into their music. 'The band has helped us make sense of our experience here,' says Wolfe.

He started Bone Table by approaching Prevendar at an Elvis convention in Hong Kong two years ago. 'He asked if I played bass,' says Prevendar.

'Sadly, I didn't, but I told him I played guitar.' That was good enough for Wolfe.

Furby joined the band six months later, when he responded to an ad posted by Wolfe and Prevendar.

The band's formation might have been ad hoc, but their sound is tight. Rob Baker, owner of Joyce Is Not Here, says they sound good in the intimate venue. 'They can hear each other playing and have a good time.'

38 Peel St, Central, free. Inquiries: 2851 2999