Drawing's on the wall for up-and-coming French artist

Abdelkadar Benchamma became hooked on drawing at the tender age of three - and unlike many other budding artists, he says he is able to survive on his earnings. Twenty-three works by the artist from Toulouse, southern France, plus two wall drawings in felt-tip pen and ink are on show at agnes b.'s gallery.

The exhibition has the enigmatic title: 'They think that once they are there, it will be finished'. Huh?

Benchamma says it means that a lot of things that people may think are finished are not really, actually. Errrr...

And then he decides that honesty is probably the best way to go: 'I want to have a strange and mysterious title like my drawings.'

This is Benchamma's first trip to Hong Kong, but so far he's been too busy creating the two wall drawings at the gallery to explore the city. But the job's now done and he's keen to see Hong Kong's beaches - hopefully ones without polystyrene and plastic bags.

The exhibition is open daily until July 28 (except public holidays) from 11.30am to 8pm at agnes b.'s Librairie Galerie, 1/F, 18 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai. Admission is free. Inquiries: 2869 5505.