Colleen plays her heart out

Jason Ng

Name: Colleen Tjosvold

School: Chinese International School (CIS)

Grade: Form Seven (just graduated)

Sport: Rugby

Achievements: Colleen (right) was part of the Hong Kong national team at the Asian Women's Rugby Sevens in Doha, Qatar, in April.

She was also a key member of the SAR women's under-20 squad who played in Bangkok last October. She represents the DeA Tigers' under-18 team.


Soundbite: 'I was first introduced to the sport in school, partly because my sister played for CIS. My school coach also played a very significant role in developing my passion for rugby,' said Colleen.

'I joined the under-19 team when I was 11. It was very tough at the beginning because I was smaller than everyone else, but I persevered, thanks to the support provided by my coach and teammates.

'Rugby is a very intensive team sport, yet there are individual aspects to it. Players need to possess a high degree of fitness, strength, speed and agility. The constant action and contact is what I love about rugby. Although I play other sports, such as basketball and netball, I enjoy rugby more.

'Over the past few years, I've learned to play my heart out in every game. When things don't work out, I try to take criticism constructively and never give up - this is a philosophy that I also implement in my daily life.'


From her coach: 'Colleen is a talented athlete and, apart from rugby, has taken part in basketball, netball and cross-country running,' said Carl Murray.

'She has great potential and has the ability to assess a situation on a rugby field quickly. She always listens to advice and has matured a lot.'


Ambitions: 'Although I will be joining an overseas university soon, I still plan to play rugby. While I'm not sure whether my university plays the sport, I hope to join a league or take part in tournaments,' Colleen said.

'If there is an opportunity, I might consider becoming a professional athlete, which would be fun, yet difficult. I also want to become a coach one day to give something back to the community and help develop new rugby players.'