X marks new ICL terminals

ICL has launched a range of innovative Multi-Window X terminals - general-purpose devices capable of linking into a wide range of multi-vendor computer networks to provide high resolution, high performance graphical application access.

Alastair McFadzean, business development manager of PSA, said ICL's new X terminals would benefit users of many open systems.

''Multi-Window X terminals employ flexible network technology,'' he said.

''Users can enjoy access to networked multi-vendor hosts simultaneously - be they ICL, IBM, DEC or Sun.'' Multi-Window X terminals will also centralise all kinds of network administrations such as back-up, applications, security and operating systems.

The models available now include the X140c, a 35-centimetre colour X Window terminal, the X150, a 38-cm monochrome X Window terminal and the X192, a reduced-instruction-set computing-based (RISC) 33-MHz X Window terminal with a 47-cm monochrome landscape screen.

Multi-Window X terminals can support different connectivity solutions, including TCP/IP, TELNET, LAT and DECnet.

They can also support different file formats and multiple fonts, which make multiple sessions possible.

All Multi-Window X terminals are based on powerful processors and multi-function graphics engines.

Combined with the advanced features of XWare, which offers an optimised version of the X Window System, Version 11.4 protocol standard, this provides a means for high-speed user interfaces.

ICL sees strong sales prospects for its X terminals among Hong Kong's growing design and development markets.