Life for clingfilm murderers

TWO men who killed a couple by gagging them with clingfilm wrapper and then murdered the wife's brother in a similar manner, were yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment.

The mandatory penalty was handed down by Mr Justice Leonard on Chan Wing-keung, 43, and Au Yeung Kam-wah, 40, after the jury found them both guilty of the triple murder.

A third man, Lai Sai-lam, 40, also charged with the murders of Fung Siu-ming, 33, his wife Wong Kang-tai, 27, and her brother Wong Yun-chuen, 26, was tried in November 1992.

He was found not guilty after trial of the murders of the couple but guilty of the murder of Wong Yun-chuen and was sentenced to death by Mr Justice Bewley in December 1992.

During the trial of Chan and Au Yeung, the High Court heard evidence called by senior Crown counsel Richard Donald that the bodies of the three victims were found in the couple's Sai Yeung Choi Street North flat a few days after they were killed.

The couple were found with clingfilm over their mouths and Wong had adhesive tape over his mouth.

Chu Chih-hong, who also took part in the killing but was given immunity by the Crown to testify against the defendants, said Chan employed Fung and had lent him money.

In May 1987, Chan was in financial difficulties and was refused a loan by Fung.

When he met Chan and three other men, including Au Yeung, on May 29, 1987, Fung said he had no money. He was threatened and drugged before being taken to his home where his wife was told to go into her room.

Unable to find money or valuables Chan grabbed Fung by the neck until he lost consciousness.

The gang decided to kill Fung's wife as she could incriminate them.

They forced the couple to take drugs and alcohol. They then tied and gagged them before wrapping clingfilm round their faces.

Shortly after the couple was killed, Wong arrived. He too was similarly tied and gagged and suffocated.

Before leaving the flat, the gang turned on the air-conditioner and locked the bedroom door where the bodies were and stuffed a towel under the door.

Neither Chan nor Au Yeung, represented by John Mullick and Michael Lunn, respectively, gave evidence. But it was their case that they were not in the couple's flat at the time of the killing.