Retired cadres told to behave

Chris Yeung

PATRIARCH Deng Xiaoping has urged retired senior leaders to behave themselves and get in touch with the real life of the country, close ally Yang Shangkun quoted him as saying.

Mr Yang said there was still a lot for retired cadres to do after they hand over power to younger leaders.

''[You] should not receive high salaries and enjoy life and do not have a word on everything,'' the former state president quoted Mr Deng as saying.

Mr Deng has specifically said retired cadres should do two things.

First, he said they should take time to go down to regions to do research and study.

''[They should] look into how policies are implemented and listen to the aspirations and demands of the people,'' the patriarch was quoted as saying.

Secondly, Mr Deng urged elderly leaders to demand their family members, relatives, old comrades and colleagues stick to party discipline and the law.

''[They should not] ask for special privileges and engage in corruption.

''Comrade Xiaoping said old cadres whose health is all right should be able to do the two things,'' Mr Yang told a group of retired cadres in Shenzhen.

Mr Yang, 86, stepped down from the presidency last year. His remarks were quoted by the Hong Kong-based monthly magazine, The Mirror.

He said cadres should not study books on Marxism and Leninism, but should instead organise study sessions on Mr Deng's thoughts regarding reform.

Mr Yang revealed that Mr Deng said in December that the sentiments of the people should be taken into account in pushing ahead with the reform programme.

He recalled that the patriarch met considerable opposition from old, and even middle-age, cadres when he launched the reform drive more than 15 years ago.

Mr Yang said those who have given the ''most resolute support'' to Mr Deng included the three late Marshals Ye Jianying, Xu Shangqian and Nie Rongzhen; Peng Zhen, Wan Li, the late Hu Yaobang, Gu Mu and Yu Qiuli.