Pixton clears the air over litter problem

A TELEPHONE call from radio man Ralph Pixton cleared up the doubt about what he was on about the other morning on RTHK when he made reference on air to the picture on the front page of the Post and said ''it was a disgrace''.

Several readers also contacted us about the matter. Some were as confused as we were, while others had no doubts as to what Pixton was on about.

Kindly Pixton, who gently wakes many of us up in the morning with news of what's been going on in the world while we've been snoring, informed Keeping Posted that what had aroused his ire was the sight of all that litter strewn about by ''those shamelessgweilos lining up for Rugby Sevens tickets''.

The normally placid radio veteran went on: ''At a time when we are all striving to keep Hong Kong clean, we then have to put up with such shabby behaviour from what was strictly a gweilo crowd.

''I had nothing against the picture depicting the old lady collecting the discarded bottles and cans. God bless her. She was just a freelancer trying to make a living. At least I hope she was able to get some money out of the awful spectacle.

''The alarming thing is that this was just the beginning. Imagine what it will be like on the actual weekend of the Sevens itself.'' Quite, Ralph.