Prize-winning Amy looks to a bright future

CONTRIBUTION to society, good communication skills and an outstanding academic record made sixth-former Amy Siu Yin the South China Morning Post's 20th Student of the Year.

The 18-year-old from St Paul's Secondary School, Happy Valley, beat 14 finalists to win a $20,000 scholarship and two round-trip tickets to Europe.

''Intelligent'' and ''articulate'' were the impressions Post Editor-in-Chief David Armstrong had of the winners at the awards ceremony of the competition, held in conjunction with the Education Department.

Director of Education Dominic Wong Shing-wah, who was one of the adjudicators, said the criteria included the student's contribution in and outside school and academic performance.

Judges also took into account communication skills and sense of belonging to Hong Kong, Mr Wong said.

''If a student achieves good results in his studies but fails to express himself, he cannot be considered successful,'' he said.

Amy scored eight As and one C in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination last year, and is active in community service and orienteering.

She said she kept a close eye on events in the territory. People should care about Hong Kong and should not worry about 1997 - ''the future is ours''.

''I have paid attention to daily news, especially political news over recent years. We need to have some social awareness,'' she said.

Amy wants to study Computer Science at university.

The SCMP Student Sportsman of the Year Award came as a surprise to Robyn Lamsam, 16, because it was the second year she took the prize. She holds a Hong Kong swimming record. Robyn, from Diocesan Girls' School, Jordan, hopes to study marine biology at university.

Mr Armstrong said he would continue organising the awards because they recognised the hard work of students who would play an important role in the future of Hong Kong.