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Bort Nagy from Tsim Sha Tsui complained about the ticket service at First Ferry.

'On Saturday, January 19, at 8.15am I stopped at the First Ferry counter in Macau to get four deluxe tickets back to Kowloon. I was told that the next ferry, at 8.30am, was fully booked except for four seats left in the VIP room. My parents were due to catch a flight in a few hours so we had to accept the higher-priced tickets just in case the next ferry was also booked.

'When we boarded, we were surprised to find the entire top level empty. What happened to it being fully booked? We'd been ripped off! On top of that, we were stuck in a tiny little room. It is meant to be VIP, but what are we paying so much more money for? We weren't offered any food and had to ask the staff. We couldn't get a beer, and food-wise, there were no sandwiches - only nuts or noodles.

'We took photos of the empty boat and wrote down the name of one of the staff as a witness. As soon as we arrived home, we phoned the customer-service hotline to make our complaint and were told someone would call us back.

'Five hours later, nobody had called. Thinking this rude, we phoned back, only to hear a recorded message stating that they close at noon. On Monday morning we waited for a call, and again nothing. We phoned them and were told the matter had to be looked into and would take seven to 14 days.

'If we were tourists it would be unlikely we would still be in the country. Does First Ferry just hope people won't know any better?

'Eight days later we had a phone call. They told us that on that day, at that time, there was no deluxe class and all seating was the same. If that's the case, why were we paying for a VIP room? Why wasn't VIP downgraded? Why were all the other passengers still downstairs? Surely they would like to sit upstairs with more room if it's all the same price? And most important, why were we told the boat was fully booked? First Ferry is trying to tell us we heard incorrectly. We know we didn't.

'The second phone call came back with their idea of compensation being an offer of HK$60 as a 'goodwill gesture'. This is ridiculous, and First Ferry should be absolutely ashamed to even bother with such a pittance.'

A spokeswoman from New World First Ferry Services (Macau) said: 'According to the record, deluxe-class service [was] not available on the sailing from Macau to Tsim Sha Tsui at 8.30am on January 19 and a customer purchased one VIP room of the above-mentioned sailing at the ticket counter in Macau on January 19.

'During the voyage of the captioned sailing, VIP room service was delivered in accordance with the operation manual and the VIP-room passengers were served with complimentary refreshments. Complimentary refreshments available for selection include hot drinks or cold drinks and such snacks as canned beer nuts and noodles.

'We treat customers' opinions seriously. Upon receiving a customer's inquiry, we will look into the matter and interview staff concerned as circumstances require. It normally takes seven to 14 days to complete the investigation in a thorough and fair manner, and we always thank customers for their understanding and patience.'

A reader from Tuen Mun complained about the online ticket service of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

'Last September, I booked a business-class ticket online with KLM flying to the UK from Hong Kong, something I have done many times. The ticket cost HK$24,000, which is similar to what I have paid in the past. Two months later, while rechecking the details, I discovered that the outward leg of the journey was, in fact, only an economy ticket. I went over the details of the booking on their website and discovered what I believe to be a flaw in their system.

'I then contacted KLM several times via phone and e-mail, and was told I would have to pay HK$20,000 for a one-way upgrade. I wasn't prepared to do so and asked for a full refund. They said they would refund only HK$20,000.

'I mentioned to them the problem I had with the website: at every stage of the booking I had requested a business-class booking, at no stage had I said I wanted an economy ticket, and their website did not display any message telling me my request could not be met. Despite a promise of a part refund, I have heard nothing from KLM for two months.'

A spokesman for KLM said the airline was looking into the case and would respond as soon as possible.