Stars offer HK$25m over sex photos

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 February, 2008, 12:00am

Taiwanese pop stars Jolin Tsai Yi-lin and Elva Hsiao have declared their pictures were not among Edison Chen Koon-hei's notorious celebrity sex collection, and they would pay NT$100 million (HK$25 million) to anyone who could prove otherwise.

The stars have been rumoured to be among the string of top celebrities who have appeared on the internet in nude pictures with the actor.

But a statement issued by Tsai and her management, Mars Entertainment, has denied any were of her.

Declaring her innocence on a blog, Hsiao also offered the same payout. 'I must state that I have never dated Edison Chen.'

Throughout the scandal, rumours of Tsai and Hsiao's involvement have appeared in internet forums on the mainland and in Hong Kong and Taiwan. A picture of a sexily dressed woman who looked like Tsai has also been circulating online.

A contributor to the popular local forum called Arfish said the offers could stop the guessing.

Many demanded police release a list of celebrities involved.

Meanwhile, the Obscene Articles Tribunal has agreed to a Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority request for a review of the interim classification given to Oriental Sunday and Next Magazine, which published strategically masked pictures of celebrities engaging in sexual acts. On February 20, the tribunal deemed the photos Class I - neither indecent nor obscene.

A full tribunal hearing will be held on March 12.