Jack's still nimble on singing front

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 February, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 February, 1994, 12:00am

IT'S always nice to hear from that doughty old warrior, Jack Edwards. Usually when Edwards is on to us it's to unleash his fury on continuing slights by government officials to the prisoners of war.

But this time Edwards is much more in a mellow mood - which must be the Welsh in him.

As president of the St David's Society of Hong Kong he wants everyone to know that the Welshmen of this town will be in good voice at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on February 26 when the society holds its annual ball.

Naturally, pulling his military connections, Edwards has managed to rope in Major-General John Foley, commander of the British Forces in Hong Kong, as the principal guest.

But it won't be all play for Edwards. As a stalwart of the local Welsh Male Voice Choir he will be lending his voice as the choir entertains. Dancing will be to the music of Tony Carpio and his band.

Ticket details can be obtained from Roger Clarke - tel: 890-9211 (office); 657-0502 (home) or 311-9719 (fax).

While on the subject of balls, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, this year celebrating its 21st anniversary, will be holding a Mozart Dinner at the Regent ballroom on February 18.

For all that time the Hong Kong Arts Festival has provided audiences with a rich variety of artistic and cultural experiences.

The gala is being held as part of the Arts Festival Society's fund-raising drive.

A freeze on government art's funding in the past two years has greatly hindered the development of the Arts Festival.

The gala evening includes the opening performance of The Magic Flute, the society's first opera co-production with an international company.

For more information call Rebecca Ip on 824-3555.