I REFER to the letters from Mr S. P. Chow (South China Morning Post, January 6) and Mr Jim Parsonage (Post, January 8), expressing completely different views on the new traffic arrangements for Mount Austin Road leading to Victoria Peak Gardens. The uppersection of Mount Austin Road is only single track and traffic congestion occurred on Sundays and public holidays to such an extent that the road frequently became blocked with vehicles not being able to reverse up or down, requiring the police to close theroad to allow clearance of the vehicles.

It was because of this that the restriction of vehicles to only those with a permit on Sundays and public holidays was implemented.

Mr Parsonage opined that the restriction should be extended to cover the whole of Mount Austin Road. This point has in fact been considered. But as this section provides access to a number of residences, there would be a considerable need for permits forthose living along Mount Austin Road and their visitors and consequently the proposal was shelved as it could prove inconvenient to residents.

T. A. BALDOCK for Commissioner for Transport