Woman dies after chopping son's wife

A WOMAN chopped her daughter-in-law to death in a Shau Kei Wan flat last night and then killed herself, police say.

A neighbour in Tai On House heard shouts for help at about 6 pm and went into the corridor to find Tsang Lai-mui, 26, lying on the floor outside her home with multiple chop wounds to her head and neck.

He saw Ma Mei-lin, 60, running away from Tsang brandishing a chopper. Ma dropped the weapon before climbing onto the window-sill and jumping eight floors to her death.

Ma's son, barrister Samson Hung Kin-man, was not at home at the time of the attack.

But her elder son, Hung Kin-tak, returning to the nearby flat where he lived with his mother, found a crowd outside Tai On House and his mother dead on the ground.

Friends of the family said Samson Hung had met his wife, a company manager, when he was studying law in Britain.

After returning to Hong Kong, Mr Hung and his wife lived with his mother, but moved when they found the flat was too small.

Several months ago, Mr Hung's wife stopped visiting his mother, but she often went to the Tai On House flat to clean up.