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PUBLISHED : Monday, 31 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 31 March, 2008, 12:00am

Your neck, guys. Your neck can be unpleasing to the eye if you don't take good care of it. But if it's accessorised nicely, it has the potential to be the most attractive part of your whole look.

It's definitely one of the most noticeable parts of your body. When you talk to someone you can't always look at that person's eyes, because that would be staring. So, every now and then let your eyes wander - to the hair, to the shirt and, yes, the neck.

There are men out there who are blessed with great-looking necks, in which case they could just loosen a few buttons and everything appears fine. Jude Law's doesn't look half bad when he models the spring and summer 2008 collection for Dunhill. When you look like that, all you need is a shirt. But even Law adds a silk scarf for that final British gentleman touch. Perhaps if you have a really great neck, you should consider Giorgio Armani's latest collection with its shawl collar (right). And if you can carry that off, you're the man. But not all of us look like Law (don't whine, life is unfair), so we need some decoration.

In Hong Kong men don't wear necklaces enough. I don't know why... maybe they think it's too feminine. Maybe they can't be bothered as they feel they already have enough to do in terms of buttoning their shirt.

Whatever the case, silver is my favourite colour for necklaces, but if you have a nice tan you could probably get away with some gold. But no big ghetto gold, which doesn't even look good on people who are actually from the ghetto.

The closest you should get to gold in jewellery is the Louis Vuitton gold fish pendant (above), which would be perfect on a sunny day and when you have the skin tone for it. If you're pale, forget it.

But it's not a sin to be pale. Some people are born that way. In that case, the most elegant thing that you can wear around your neck is the Tiffany Metropolis Pendant. It's a testimony to one principle: simplicity is often best when it comes to accessories. They should compliment, not take over.

This sterling silver piece is the best compliment to a man who has fair skin. When you have pale skin, you have a pale neck. When you wear nothing on it, it's glaring. But a sparkly Tiffany necklace adds depth to the picture - and a touch of class. There is an engraving option to this pendant, which allows you to personalise it - up to three letters anyway.

But details, when executed correctly, can be good. Harvey Nichols has a gorgeous necklace from Kris Van Assche, a Belgium designer who caters for 'the man who takes time to dress up' (so if you're not one of them, move on). The piece is inspired by a nautical theme, with an engraved sailboat on the double pendants. The shape is refined, but the theme has a rough edge to it; think Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Necklaces are not the only thing you can put around your neck.

This is the time of the year when it's perfectly stylish to put on a light scarf. It's spring, people. I don't understand why but it seems that men out there are either still wearing something they were wearing in winter or baring too much skin. The former are perspiring profusely and the latter are often way too pale. If you want to bare your legs that early, at least have the decency to go to a solarium first.

And you need a scarf handy anyway, especially when you're going to a movie. It's always winter in cinemas. No complicated garment needed, just a simple one would do, and it would add a soft touch to your look. Think Bally this season, which has a collection of cotton scarves (left) that would look great with a spring jacket, or even a leather jacket.

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