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Mobile Suit Gundam 00


After the success of the Gundam Seed and Destiny series, anime studio Sunrise follows up with a new series called Mobile Suit

Gundam 00. It's directed by Seiji Mizushima (Shaman King and Fullmetal Alchemist) and written by anime screenwriter Yosuke Kuroda (Please Teacher, Honey and Clover), with character designs by Yun Koga (Earthian, Loveless).

The new series will have two seasons and will be the first Gundam show to be animated in high definition.

In the year 2312, fossil fuels have been used up and the inhabitants of Earth rely on giant solar space power plants for energy. These power plants are connected to Earth by three orbital elevators that run from the Earth's surface all the way up to the solar generators.

Each 'orbital elevator' is controlled by one of three major powers - World Economic Union made up of American States, Australasia and Japan; the Human Reform League comprising China, Siberian Russia, India and Southeast Asian countries; and the Advanced European Union that consists of Iceland, Greenland, Europe and the European Russia.

With the new infinite power resource only benefiting the three major powers and their allies, wars erupt around the world for the remaining energy resources. Out of nowhere comes the para-military group Celestial Being who - with four Gundam Mobile suits, each powered by a special solar furnace - announce that they intend to rid the world of war by destroying all the armies and weapons.

The first season has just ended in Japan and the early episodes are out now on DVD.