Global firm wants experienced engineer

Here's a role that an energetic vendor integration engineer can easily slip into, provided they're interested in working in Guangdong.

The position is with global company Alpha Security Products.

Alpha, which provides security products to minimise theft and maximise profit, hopes to nab someone who has project management and process improvement experience, and can work with supply partners to make sure that there are continuous improvements in product quality, time performance and efficiency.

Part of the role will involve educating suppliers about the company's requirements, which will in turn help them to become more valuable partners in Alpha's supply chain team.

This is a high-visibility position and the performance of suppliers, which the vendor integration engineer will work with, will directly affect the success of Alpha. Also important is the help this person will provide in the company's new product development process, which is key to keeping Alpha at the top of its game in the industry.

So what qualifications does this vendor integration engineer need? Alpha will be pleased to receive applications from candidates with a BSME or BSEE degree and at least five years of experience in plastic moulding, metal stamping, electronic assembly and quality.


An ability to understand technical information, including solid models, is also on the company's list.

Communication is emphasised so fluency in English and Putonghua, and good interpersonal skills, are required.

A willingness to live near suppliers and travel as needed are the other requirements for this position.