PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 May, 2008, 12:00am

We all are unique

Everyone has their own characteristics.

You do not have to feel inferior because you are not as good-looking as your classmate, or feel sad because you are not as fluent in speaking as your classmate.

Try to think positively. Think about why others want to make friends with you, think about your nice personality that makes you popular among your friends.

Everybody is different and special in a particular way. We do not need to force ourselves to conform to others' behaviour or try to be like them.

We are independent. We have our own characteristics that make us different from others.

Once you imitate others, you lose your character.

You lose your superiority of being different.

Charles Chan, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Children need parents' attention

Do you feel sad when you go home and find no one is there?

Nowadays most parents are working parents. Many leave their children alone at home and spend very little time listening to them.

Therefore, many teenagers feel sad about the poor relationship with their parents.

If you are busy parents, you could follow my suggestions to improve your relationship with you children.

First: parents should take five to 10 minutes a day to talk to their children. It would improve the relationship. They could talk over dinner about interesting things in school or in the office.

Second: parents should manage their work schedule, then they would have enough time for their children. Their children will love them more.

Third: if the parents have free time on Sunday, they could go to a country park for a family day. Their children will be very happy.

To conclude, many parents are busy and have no time to take care of their children. They think earning money is more important.

Remember, if you lose the money, you can earn it again. But if you lose your children, it is difficult to mend your relationship.

Yoyo Chan Wing-yiu, STFA Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School

Mummy and Daddy, I love you both

Which one is more important: Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Traditionally, people always think that mothers are greater than fathers. It is because the process of childbirth is very painful.

Also after we are born, it's generally our mother who takes care of us. This job can be very tiring for her.

So we have all the reasons to be nice to our mother and celebrate Mother's Day.

But does this mean that we can ignore Father's Day? Absolutely not!

Nowadays, fathers also take care of their children. They work hard for the family and attend to their children after work. The father's role is also very significant.

Although mothers have to bear the pain of childbearing, we should not neglect our father.

Father's Day is as important as Mother's Day.

I would like to say to my parents: 'Daddy, Mummy, I love you.'

Melody Lau Chee-ching, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

Thank you for the mirror of knowledge

Once, during an English lesson, our teacher Miss Au came into the classroom and asked us to take out our mirrors.

Since we were studying in a girls' school, many of us had a mirror, but we were surprised by her request.

Miss Au asked us to look at ourselves in the mirror, and told us that we looked tired. She knew that we had plenty of homework to do and books to study.

She told us how to relax: take out our mirror and find something attractive and beautiful.

She said we need to accept ourselves the way we are. She said we need to be more confident.

Also, she said if we were well-educated, our face would become flawless.

At last, I realised how important confidence and knowledge are.

Thank you Miss Au for helping us learn plenty of new things.

Carmen Chen, Leung Shek Chee College

Let's read

Reading is good for all of us. It can entertain us, expand our knowledge and enhance our writing skills.

Different kinds of books inform about different things, like science, art, philology, the universe and other subjects.

Besides, reading can open up our mind and stretch our imagination.

Reading gives us a chance to think deeply and to explore. Moreover, it can help us to have a closer relationship with others as we can talk about different things.

Of course, not all books are good for us. There are books that are violent and unhealthy, so it is important for us to choose carefully.

Reading good books can really help us a lot.

Let's develop a reading habit beginning today.

Ginny Fung

Inspiring speech

Recently, I joined a programme called Hong Kong 200 organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

I went to the launching ceremony and the speaker delivered an inspiring speech.

She said we should not be arrogant.

We should not consider ourselves superior to others because all our success comes from co-operation and teamwork.

I was deeply impressed and believe that I can learn a lot from the programme.

Chan Wing-fat, STFA Tam Pak Yu College