Health packages

Joey Wong

Countries scrap for a share of lucrative sector

Health checks, plastic surgery, dental work and cardiovascular treatment are some of the more popular reasons people travel to Asia for medical attention.

While packages differ from hospital to hospital, general health checks are usually comprehensive as they screen for numerous conditions, including those found in the kidneys and liver, stool analysis, and bone and lipid profiles. Potential problems like venereal disease and cancer can also be considered.

Routine check-ups and cleaning are generally included in dental packages, while major work like root canal treatment would normally be excluded. Similarly, plastic surgery packages may include routine procedures but exclude implants and prostheses.

Although packages vary according to hospitals, specified accommodation and operation room charges, doctors' fees, pre-operative consultations and tests, medication and medical reports should be included in the price.

Other potential costs could include extended hospital stays, follow-up visits, consultation and outpatient fees incurred before admission, specialists' consultations due to complications in recovery, incidental treatments and additional tests.

Extras such as room upgrades, translation service, phone calls, guest meals and specific medical or surgical coverage on insurance can substantially increase the cost.

Health check-ups at Bumrungrad International hospital in Bangkok range from 2,600 baht (HK$610) to 15,300 baht. They cost from 1.3 million Vietnamese dong (HK$623) to 4.2 million dong at FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and S$360 (HK$2,050) to S$1,500 at the National Healthcare Group in Singapore. Plastic surgery at Bumrungrad International costs from 90,000 baht to 295,000 baht, and a dental check-up costs 700,000 dong at FV Hospital.