ICAC visits scare staff

COMPANY executives say Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) officers are scaring their employees when they visit the offices to make routine inquiries.

At the first meeting of the ICAC's Citizens Liaison Group yesterday, participants said the officers often gave workers the impression that ''something had gone wrong''.

Philip Suen Hon-tin, one of the 20 people appointed to the group as citizens who had used ICAC services, said his subordinates had been worried when ICAC officers once came to his bank.

But ICAC senior assignment officer Rosanna Lau Sui-chi said the officers had been careful when dealing with staff relations.

She said ICAC officers would only ask questions necessary for their investigation, and they were careful not to leave employees believing the company was in trouble.

The meeting was organised by the ICAC as a fresh attempt to improve links with the public.

Chairman of the meeting Eddie So Chuen-yee said participants would be limited to discussing the commission's services without referring to specific cases.