Singapore Quiz

Joey Wong

Test your general knowledge.

1 What are the four official languages in Singapore? 2 Name the sportsman known as the Hercules of Singapore. 3 Who are the Black Knights? 4 How many islands make up Singapore? 5 Britain's Malaya Command HQ, until 1942, is now a tourist attraction. What is it called? 6 What is Pulau Hantu famous for? 7 What inaugural sports event will Singapore host in 2010? 8 Singapore's three tallest buildings are the same height. How tall are they? 9 What Singaporean dessert consists of yam and sweet potato cubes served in coconut milk and sago? 10 What is the national motto?


1 English, Putonghua, Malay, Tamil 2 Weightlifter Tan Howe Liang who won silver in the 1960 Rome Olympics 3 The air force aerobatics team 4 63 5 The Battle Box 6 Its coral reef 7 Summer Youth Olympic Games 8 280 metres 9 Bubur cha cha 10 Majulah, Singapura