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Doing justice to deep funk vibe

THE Mothership make their long-awaited debut with a five track EP Mothership, that more than does justice to their live deep funk vibe. Without doubt the most polished performers on the circuit at the moment, they have put this album together on a shoestring budget with a helping hand from sponsors Grolsch.

Fans of the 10-member outfit will recognise the tracks as the band's original dance floor favourites, that have become a staple in their first year. Zoe Brewster wraps her lips around Day By Day, Mothership's rousing gospel/soul stew of a number.

Heavily influenced by the 70s funk outfit Parliament and at times sounding a lot like London acid jazzers Galliano, Mothership are destined to go places with the right kind of support and this is a good first step. Without wishing to upset our neighbours, this is the closest Hong Kong is likely to get to having its own Parliament.

The Mothership also make a showing on Radio Free HK's various artists compilation Volume One. The undeniably talented and prolific Zoe Brewster and John Love double up again, this time in the form of UBE with Fool For Love. The track is a stormer.

Power Onions chuck everything and the kitchen sink into Mother Oblivion which, stylistically, comes out on the grunge end of the spectrum. A high riff quota tempered by the larynx of Danny McGill who has the aforementioned musical genre's growl down to perfection.

Elvin Wong Chi Chung's outfit, Endeavour, it must be said, are an acquired taste occupying the ground somewhere on the outskirts of Bauhaus. Their contribution Sacrifice to Youth was recorded live at an RFHK gig.

Infradig give us a foretaste of their forthcoming album with Fried Taxi. They are a band obviously out to capture the hearts of the territory and sounding a lot like Talking Heads in the process. Captain Mabulluh add a welcome dose of well-produced reggae to a diverse 16-track album that does all the contributors and sponsors credit.