Shing Heung Yuen

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 March, 2009, 12:00am

Shing Heung Yuen

Mee Lun Street
Tel: 2544 8368

Grub: Traditional dai pai dong bites. Expect to order anything you'd usually see on a cha chaan teng menu - easy-cook items like instant noodles, vermicelli and sandwiches.

Vibe: This place has a typical old-school dai pai dong charm - so anyone who needs a very tidy, well laid-out eating environment should probably avoid it.

The restaurant has no walls or ceiling, and is sheltered by a big green canvas.

But despite the simplicity, you should be prepared to wait in a long queue and sit with strangers on a round table as it can get very busy at lunchtime.

Who to bring: It may not sound like a date place, but it's a quirky venue that will give you plenty to talk about. On Valentine's Day, there was a number of couples lining the pavement all the way to Aberdeen Street. And after your distinctly Hong Kong meal, you can head to the many funky design shops nearby.

What's hot: The restaurant's top three items are 7-Up with salty lemon, noodles in tomato soup and crunchy bun with lemon and honey.

In the signature drink, the preserved lemons are crushed right before adding the soda and brought to your table immediately, allowing the sweet-sour flavours to blend.

The tomato soup is made with chunkily chopped tomatoes and is unexpectedly refreshing. You can choose to add a variety of toppings and noodles.

Last but not least, the crunchy bun with lemon and honey is a perfect combination of zingy lemon juice and sweet honey that lingers on your lips.

What's not: This may be a genuine Hong Kong experience, but it's not remotely glamorous or comfortable. The long queues can be off-putting, the venue is closed on Sundays.

Cost: If you want to try the 'three wonders' of Shing Heun Yuen, expect to pay around HK$50 per person.