John Williamson, an accountant who is the managing director and chief financial officer of Search Investment Group, is seeking re-election to the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing board.

He was appointed to the board in May last year to fill the seat vacated by shareholder activist David Webb.

He believes his accounting background and financial services experience will help him make a useful contribution to the exchange's affairs.

Why are you seeking re-election to the HKEx board?

I believe my industry experience and training as a chartered accountant puts me in a strong position to contribute to the HKEx board. If I am re-elected, I will continue to act independently in advocating balanced attention to the interests of all stakeholders.

What do you think the exchange should do to cope with the current financial crisis?

The global financial crisis has affected the local financial markets and HKEx. Clearly, HKEx needs to keep pace with international market developments and it should continue implementing its strategic plan for 2007 to 2009 which focuses on strengthening our position on the mainland, increasing our range of products and managing costs carefully.

What would you recommend to repair the image of HKEx after the recent policy setbacks?

There are many different views in the market. The HKEx executives are seeking a more direct engagement with all stakeholders to better understand and address their needs and concerns. I support this initiative.

Do you think HKEx should introduce quarterly reporting requirements?

I believe the British style of quarterly reporting, which provides a narrative statement on the first and third quarters instead of full financial figures, may be a good and balanced approach.