Oyster & Wine Bar

Fare The Sunday brunch (noon to 3pm) is an impressive spread of buffet items backed by a small ?la carte menu for hot dishes (soup, main course, souffl?. There is a focus on seafood, with chilled lobster, yabbies and whelks, and six varieties of oysters. Also sushi, cold cuts and a dessert buffet.

Ambience Upmarket and relaxed, especially when the champagne has been flowing for a few hours. Views over the Hong Kong Museum of Art and across Victoria Harbour.

Cost HK$588 including free-flowing champagne; HK$528 with free-flowing sparkling wine.

Who to bring A new love interest - oysters and champagne are supposedly the ultimate aphrodisiacs - or family and friends.

Turn-ons The oysters were so fresh we expected them to scream when we dripped lemon juice on them, and the varieties available gave a good range of tastes from delicately creamy to briny metallic. The salad dishes were all delicious, especially the wild mushroom salad, while the main course of sea bass on a bed of spinach and pumpkin was a delight - a thick fillet of soft-as-butter flesh on rich pumpkin mash and fresh spinach leaves. The service was outstanding.

Turn-offs The decor, with its nautical theme and statues of sailors and jazz musicians, has a touch of tackiness about it. But it makes the atmosphere less formal - ideal for a lazy Sunday brunch. The souffles were not as fluffy as they could have been, and the coffee was bitter.

Drinks Besides the bubbly, which is topped up regularly, there is fresh juice at the buffet.

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, 23691111 ext 3145/6