Building up real success story

LOCALS of all ages gathered at Causeway Bay's Time Square over the Easter holidays to get a LEGO tower into the record books as well as raise cash.

Called ''The LEGO World Record Tower 1994'', the event was organised by LEGO Toys and co-organised by Commercial Radio One and Times Square.

It was also a good opportunity for families to get together during the holidays.

Participants, who looked clearly determined to break the existing record for the world's tallest LEGO tower set up by the Swedes, also donated $10 each for the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES).

As well as piling on the bricks to build the tower, the participants received a charity game coupon to take part in a ''guessing game'' and win prizes.

A brick-laying ceremony was held last Friday to launch the event.

Danish Consul-General Lars Guldborg, representatives from CECES and pop artistes such as Kenny Ho Ka-king, Andy Hui Chi-on, Irene Wan Pik-ha, Tommy Su Yiu-peng, Vivian Lai Sui-yan and Sam Tsang Hong-sang, were invited to attend the ceremony.

Ms Sandy Shar Wai-ching, general manager of LEGO Department and Business Development, said apart from building the record-breaking tower, they also wanted to raise funds for the CECES.

''Hong Kong is the first city in Asia and the 17th in the world to hold such an event.'' Ms Shar said the tower would be as tall as an average seven-storey building upon completion.

''The Guinness record attempt is also very meaningful for us because we are going to donate all proceeds from this event to CECES for the betterment and welfare of children in Hong Kong,'' she said.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, CECES chairman Flora Cheong-Leen expressed her gratitude to the organisers for raising funds for the council in ''an innovative way''.

''I am happy to see people from around the territory who have come here to experience a historical moment in building the tallest LEGO tower in the world and at the same time, helping us only by donating $10 each,'' said Ms Cheong.

Ms Cheong told Young Post that officials from CECES would use the proceeds to do something meaningful for children of the territory.