Junction's disturbing car-horn cacophony

THIS is my fourth and last letter complaining about the dreadful sound of car drivers using their horns incessantly, at the junction of Caine Road and Castle Road, a junction notorious for its traffic jams. The mini-bus drivers wait there for between fiveand 10 minutes with the purpose of picking up passengers. This causes congestion and therefore approaching car drivers press on their horns.

This cacophony starts as early as 7 am and lasts till 9 am, every morning, even on Saturdays and Sundays. It also gets bad at night.

There is no evidence of either the police or the Transport Department, taking any action to do anything to solve this problem.

I live in Corona Tower and along with the other residents am entitled to some peace and quiet. I know there are residential areas of Hong Kong designated as silent areas, where the use of horns is forbidden. Could this area be so designated? In addition, the mini-buses and indeed all traffic, should be forbidden from parking in the area. In the present designated waiting area used by the mini-buses, the drivers do not park properly. Sometimes the vehicles protrude on to the road and I am worried that this may result in an accident.

W. H. LAM Central